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Saakini Daakini

Saakini Daakini is an action packed comedy Shero film, officially adapted from a hugely successful Korean film which was originally a hero centric film. It is about two diversely opposite girls who meet at Telangana State Police Academy, finding themselves in an endless race against time after they witness a kidnapping and decide to solve the case, in spite of them being at a nascent stage of their police training.

Dongalunnaru Jagratha

The first Survival film of Telugu Film Industry, Dongalunnaru Jagratha (beware of thieves) is an official adaptation of a critically acclaimed Argentine-Spanish film 4×4 where in a petty thief breaks into a SUV to steal a car stereo, only to realise that he is trapped inside the car with no resources to survive and is at the mercy of an unknown voice who happens to have the control of the vehicle.

Oh! Baby

A seventy-year-old woman, Savitri aka ‘Baby’ gets a second chance to relive her youth when gets transported into the body of a 20-year-old girl and embarks on an exuberant journey of rediscovering herself.


Chennai Story

Subversive and iconoclastic, Chennai Story is an emotionally turbulent, fish-out-of-water dramedy, exploring the complexities of love and identity, and the conflict between embracing tradition and following your own path.

Dancing Queen

A husband finds himself accidentally running for Mayor of Seoul and his wife decides to become a k-pop singer.

Luck Key

A hapless loser assumes the identity of an amnesia victim without knowing that he is an assassin.

He is Psychometric

Rishi is a psychometric, who has a special ability to perceive other people’s experiences, with a simple touch. He meets a girl who has a troubled past and is determined to find answers for it. Together, they embark on a journey to solve a big fire accident which took place during their childhood and eventually changed both their lives.

Good Doctor

An International hit medical drama series about a young surgeon with autism and Savant syndrome, who is recruited into the surgical unit of a prestigious hospital and how he overcomes his mental and emotional conditions to prove himself.

Man on the Edge

A top mobster injures his hand and undergoes a change. A shaman informs him he is possessed by spirits and doomed to become a shaman. How can he balance his totally opposite lives, between beating people and helping people?

In the News

India’s Film Bazaar unveils line-up of 20 Co-Production Market projects

Film Bazaar Online, hosted by India’s National Film Development Corporation (NFDC), has announced the 20 projects selected for this year’s Co-Production Market (CPM)…

Director Philip John Boards Toronto Financing Forum Project ‘Arrangements of Love’

BAFTA-winning Welsh director Philip John, whose credits include “Downton Abbey” and “The Good Karma Hospital,” will direct “Arrangements of Love,” the sole Asian…

‘Arrangements of Love’ only Asian film to be selected in International Financing Forum at TIFF

‘Arrangements of Love’, produced by Sunitha Tati of Telugu hit ”Oh! Baby” fame, has been selected in the International Financing Forum (IFF) by ‘Ontario Creates’…

Makers of ‘Oh Baby’ announce an international project

Oh, Baby was one of the career-defying films for Samantha. It has brought back Nandini Reddy into the limelight. The film was produced by Guru Films in association…

Star Telugu Hero In A Korean Remake

Suresh Productions and Guru Films jointly produced the film ‘Oh Baby’, the official remake of the Korean film ‘Miss Granny’. The film became a big hit and the producers are coming up with another Korean remake…


We believe in working together by forming meaningful partnerships that not only create opportunities but also enthral audiences around the world.


A renowned Indian Production house leading Distribution in India for over 55 years of contribution. Currently, they have more than 2500 theatres in the South of India and co-produced the movie Oh! Baby with us.


Ripple World, founded in 2007, creates and produces original film/TV content for a global audience. They provide co-production and production services for projects shot in Ireland or the UK, utilizing tax credits, funding resources, and their network of financing partners.

Kross Pictures

Kross Pictures Co-producers the movie Oh!Babywith us, Kross Pictures is a cross-border film and television production company with offices in Seoul, Los Angeles, and Mumbai. They strive to identify and acquire proven intellectual property to create localized films for their respective markets.


Ojaska proposes an innovative approach to achieving health and wellness through a combination of Integrative Medicine, advanced research, and Technology. Their method is designed to be natural, reliable, and easy to implement, providing a smarter and cleaner path to empower individuals towards a healthier lifestyle.

Mama Lion

Mama Lion Productions was established with the purpose of creating media that puts women at the center, showcasing their journeys and inspiring others. Our goal is to highlight the challenges faced by women and the diverse paths taken to overcome them. Through the production of various forms of media, such as feature films, television shows, documentaries, and more, we strive to shed light on these struggles and offer inspiration to many.

Mogo Studios

MOGO Solutions is an Animation Studio that is a wing of TV Derana which is a Sinhalese language entertainment terrestrial television channel broadcasting in Sri Lanka. With our digital wing Guru Leela, we have set up an Animation Studio in Sri Lanka to create stories across various platforms with MOGO.